Time is elastic

So – making arrangements for almost anything takes a bit of patience.  One must learn that the clock and the time on the clock and the time you set and the time you agree to, is quite meaningless.  Today is a good example.  I’ve had a ‘problem’ with one of the two bathrooms in my apartment.  And, since accommodations are provided by our sponsor here, we have a tool at work on our intranet site to submit maintenance and service requests.  On Thursday, I had enough of ‘the problem’ and decided it was time to make some noise and submit a formal request for maintenance.  Thursday, I had barely walked into my apartment at the end of the work day, hadn’t even put my purse down and my doorbell rings.  How does this guy know that I just walked in?  He wasn’t waiting at the front door counting bodies, but he seems to know what time I get home.  All the time….  We agree that there is a ‘problem,’ and since no one works on Friday (it’s a day of Rest around here), he will send in a team on Saturday.  On both the college intranet site and with him verbally, we agreed to Saturday at 12:00 noon.  That’s great – as it gives me time to get groceries early in the morning before the stores get busy.  Saturday, I’m out the door at 8:05 am and down at the grocery store by 8:20 am  Big list.  90 minutes and 600QR (Qatari Rials) later, my grocery shopping buddy and I arrive back at the apartment building. It’s 10 am and 5 maintenance guys are sitting on the floor in front of the door to my apartment.  What happened to 12:00 noon?  Did they not get the memo?  So, in the middle of my trying to get food into the fridge (because it’s a toaster over outside), I’m trying to supervise and guide.  It’s another Welcome to Doha moment!


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