Souq/Souk Wahif/Waqif

After work this afternoon, I had the opportunity to get down to Souq Waqif during daylight hours.  That’s pretty rare.  My bus home from work made good time and I had a free evening.

These pictures from the Souq show only a very small part of it.  Like many other Souqs in the Middle East (including the Grand Bazar in Istanbul), the Souq’s are arranged so that the like ‘stores’ are together.  So, all the Pashmina hawkers, all the Abaya stores, all the handcrafts the restaurants, etc. are together in their own place.    In fact, in Doha’s Souq, there are at least 4 boutique hotels, and likely dozens of coffee/sheesha shops and as many restaurants.  There are so many fabric stores, that there is a separate fabric Souq.  There is also a Gold Souq and a falcon Souq.  The alleyways and walkways in pictures are mostly empty, because it is late in the day time.  Qatari’s are basically night owls and we westerners are pretty much morning people.  I think it has everything to do with temperature dropping in the evening.  HOWEVER, the temperature right now as I’m writing this at 6:30 pm is 37C! Come the evening, the walkways will be packed.    I also managed to catch a picture of the local (Souq) constabulary, just as the sun was dipping down.

2014-10-20 18.26.222014-10-20 16.29.002014-10-20 17.03.32 2014-10-20 16.47.01 2014-10-20 17.09.22  2014-10-20 16.34.06  2014-10-20 16.33.33


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