Flu Shot Day

So – today was flu shot day on the CNA-Q  campus.  A week ago we all got an email from the campus nurse with a form requiring our signature for consent.  The form needed to be printed out and signed, then returned to the office of the campus nurse.  Fine.  Done.  All in order.  Day and time in my calendar.  Yesterday a reminder email came out to all staff reminding them that the flu shot clinic would take place today, October 21 between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm in Building 13.  The Library is in Building 14, so I’m only a few minutes away.  In fact, it takes me longer to find my sunglasses in my purse and put them on than it would take to walk to Building 13.  At about 8:50, I decide to take a break from  my desk and get my Influenza vaccination for the ‘winter.’  When I enter the building, a table is set up – I check my name on the list, and sign.  A few other people are there, waiting in chairs.  The front row is full, so I go to the row behind and chat with my colleagues.  I’m not surprised people are waiting; usually you are supposed to wait 15 minutes after the injection to find out if there is a reaction.  So – I thought they were just waiting.  BUT  – no one is getting up to get their needle.  We’re all just waiting….

FINALLY  AT 9:20 THE NURSE AND HER COLLEAGUE ARRIVE!!!!  (They aren’t Canadian and were hired locally, but aren’t Qatari’s)  The nurse is LATE!!  People are getting agitated and more are arriving.  The first person is called and things start to get going.  We haven’t been given any numbers, but we know who goes next and who was after us.  No big deal.  One of the instructors has a class starting and asks if she can jump in line – we all agree.  But we know who goes next.  Then one of the maintenance staff walks in (remember this was a clinic for faculty and staff – all staff).  He’s not Canadian either; he’s been hired locally and isn’t a Qatari either. He just walks up to one of the shielded privacy booths (2 booths, 2 nurses, about 25 people waiting now).  He walks right in front of the instructor who is now nervously looking at her watch.  He talks with the nurse; she gets some paperwork for the guy and tells him (not in English or Arabic) to sit down.  The Instructor jumps up and dashes for the next booth.  We’re all respectful but wondering what’s going on.  The nurse does 2 more people, then stops and goes to talk to the guy. She’s got a blood pressure cuff and is talking with him.  She doesn’t even seem concerned, but we are starting to grumble.  At least 5 minutes pass and only one nurse is doing her job.  Nurse #1 tells the guy to leave and goes back to her spot as if no one has been inconvenienced at all.  More staff are arriving.  She finally calls for the next person in line, but of course, only the Canadians are respecting the sequence in which we arrived.


What can I say?  The nurse arrives 50 minutes late and a guy jumps in front of people who have been very patiently waiting as if nothing is wrong and the campus nurse doesn’t see what has happened as a problem!

Again – time, clocks, calendars, schedules and meetings are meaningless.  I guess I should be happy they even showed up in the morning??


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