Jazz at the Lincoln Center Doha

One of the great things about living in Qatar is the wealth of this country and because of that, the sponsorship of events, venues and happenings.  Last night was a great example.  A few of us went down to the park at the Museum of Islamic Art (http://www.mia.org.qa/en/)  to go to a free concert offered by internationally renowned jazz musicians from around the world. (http://www.jalcdoha.com/) The Lincoln Center in New York chose as its second home the St.Regis Hotel here in Doha.  So, we have these great musicians here, performing for free.  And, just imagine – a free, live, outdoor concert, in a city where you never have to worry about getting rain or snow.  And not only was the weather perfect, the event was free and the musicians were fabulous.

Here’s a picture from our seats last night with the Doha downtown skyline in the background.1904127_10205234627643229_2032951066581106617_n

Concerts like this seem to happen all the time here.  The Museum itself – the MIA – is also free.  It was one of the first things we (the new employees) went to see on one of our first weekends here.  The architecture of the building itself is stunning.  The collections were outstanding.  And, for a couple of $, you can have tea in this most beautiful cafe and stare out at the Doha skyline.   I’ve included some of the pictures from the museum with this post.

The list of ‘things to do’ is endless.

2014-09-06 16.10.37 2014-09-06 15.56.28 2014-09-06 15.45.28 2014-09-06 16.20.51 2014-09-06 15.41.38


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