Flip flops for slippers

Yes you read that correctly.  I’m wearing flip flops for slippers.  First – even with air conditioning units in my living room, the two bedrooms in my apartment and my kitchen – my normally cold tootsies don’t need slippers to stay warm.  In fact, cheap little flip flops from one of the grocery stores were amongst my first purchases here in The Oven.  It didn’t take long to realize that walking around in bare feet in my apartment was not a good idea.  The problem is, no matter how much I clean, wash, dust and mop, this place is dusty.  It’s dusty all the time.   There is no real grass or vegetation to hold the sandy gravel in place, so the air is filled with dust.  And with no effective weather stripping on the window, the dust comes in.  So, the tile floor (along with the furniture!) is always dusty unless I’m cleaning frequently.   Slippers and bare feet are out of the question.  Both become filthy dirty pretty quickly.  So, these cheap little flip flops, along with a couple of Crocs are my de facto slippers.

2014-10-24 07.57.15

I learned also that just like the floor I walk on, the flip flops become dirty too.  It has become routine to rinse, then scrub with soap, rinse again and let my flip flops dry at least once a week.  Just imagine how much fine dust is in my curtains, even with the windows closed!  YUCK!


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