Holy Hallowe’en

So – today’s post is about the interesting part of being of Christian heritage and living in a non-Christian country.  Who’d of thought Hallowe’en was such a big deal around here?  Well it is and not necessarily in a good way.  Hallowe’en as we celebrate it in Canada is a night for children, for candies and games and dress-up, all associated with ghosts, goblins, witches and generally spooky things.   Its origins go back to Pagan times, when some believed the dead could walk the earth (some of us still believe that!).  Is it Christian?  Likely not, but it is a good fun and spooky time.

Well, around here, despite big orange pumpkins in the grocery stores and little (Caucasian) girls dressed up like fairies and


princesses, Hallowe’en is frowned upon and taken very seriously by the officers of the law.  On Thursday, the officers of the law (I dare not use the p word) raided the Canadian School (filled with mostly kids of Canadian citizens here) and tore down the decorations and detained (hauled off) one of the teens who was apparently dressed as a ghost.  One of the compounds was the visited upon and the decorations torn down.

Today, in my spin/fitness class – all 10 of us were either Canadian, American, Australian or British – our instructor came to the facility in normal clothes, then once she got into the centre, got into her orange witches’ T-shirt and hat.  Apparently people with witches’ hats are being detained, too…..

During our 1 hour class, behind closed doors, she played every (North American) Hallowe’en song known.  As loud as she/we could…    We sang along and laughed when ‘Highway to Hell’ came up on her playlist.  Because, as far as the countrymen here are concerned, we are disrespectful heathens who are on a highway to hell.


How weird life is here.   From one extreme to the other.  I can go to an exercise class wearing disrespectful clothes as you can see my shoulders and knees.  But behind closed doors, we achieve some sense of ‘normal.’

Sorry for the careful choice of words today…..


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