Things that make you shake your head…..

So, with all the bizarre/this doesn’t make sense/I don’t get it/why the…/what the…. things that go on in my part of the world and the city I’m living in, it’s had to pick one to mock.  For example, I learned shortly after arriving here that cars could be no older than 5 years if they wanted to be on the road.  I figured with my Canadian brain, that would likely be an emissions control thing.  Or maybe it would be a safety standards thing.  Wrong on both counts.  The reason cars can’t be more than 5 years old here is because the guy at the top has a brother/uncle/cousin/3rd cousin/ relative/ brother of 3rd wife/buddy who owns the majority of the Land Rover and BMW dealerships here.  He and the guy at the top decided that in the best interest of improving cash flow and growing wealth that they/he would put in a law that would force people to buy a new car every year!!!  Where do all the 6 year old cars go?  No idea…..

On a more mundane level, I had another only in Doha event yesterday.  Small and insignificant, but something that just makes you shake your head ….

Here’s the story:

It’s so hot here that you really want to enjoy ice cream/freezies/ cold drinks all the time.  But unless you have an ice cream maker at home, you generally have to go to the Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins here and sit inside the air conditioned restaurant if you are going to enjoy your ice cream.  So what do you do when you want to buy something from the frozen foods section of the grocery store?  You certainly can’t just walk home with it and hope things will be okay.  And honestly, earlier this fall, there were days that I wouldn’t even walk home with a dozen eggs in a grocery bag.  It’s like a blast furnace/toaster oven out there and my 20 minute walk would have cooked my eggs.  Quite literally.

The solution to this problem is to buy an insulted grocery bag and get home as fast as possible.  Yesterday I did just that.  I bought a few things from the freezer section, some dairy products and wanted to save them from being ruined.  So while at the grocery store, I bought a ‘Polar Bag.’  It’s nothing I will ever ever need in Calgary, but here, it or a Thermos Freezer Chest is a must.

2014-11-01 11.49.11

So, when I get to the till at the grocery store with all my stuff, I put the ‘dry goods’ and stuff that needs no protection on the belt.  Then I put the Polar Bag next.  Then I put the cheese, milk, frozen food last.  That way, the guy bagging the groceries will see the Polar Bag first and put the cold groceries into in for protection.  Makes sense, right???

Well after you’ve see the overuse of new grocery bags (there’s no recycling here) and the domestic help that push the grocery carts and carry all the groceries for a family of 10, nothing should surprise me any more.

The bagger takes my Polar bag and puts it into a brand new grocery bag!  Then all the frozen stuff goes into another flimsy crinkly plastic grocery bag!  He smiles as he does this for me.  I have to take the Polar bag out, open it up and re-bag everything.  They just don’t get it.  Why wouldn’t you want everything in a brand grocery bag, lady?  Why do you want to re-use grocery bags, lady?

They just don’t get it.  Another day of wondering why things don’t  make sense around here……


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