Finally – art for the walls!

So an empty apartment with empty walls.  Colour and art was needed quickly!

I have made it a habit in the last number of years to buy art when I travel.  It needs to be something meaningful and of course, it needs to be beautiful – to me.  Well, since arriving in Doha I have been looking and hoping to find that piece of art.  Last weekend, I did just that.  I have mentioned the Museum of Islamic Art ( before.  It’s beautiful architecturally, the view is stunning and admission is free.  Just as wonderful is the massive green park surrounding the MIA (  Well, now that ‘winter’ is approaching in Doha and the temperature has dropped and it’s more comfortable outside, the park at MIA has come alive.  Last weekend was the first of the monthly bazaars at MIA park.  There was food being served up, Sari’s from India, piñatas from Salvador, handmade jewelry and more.

2014-11-01 15.53.47 2014-11-01 16.18.43 2014-11-01 16.19.58

And I found ‘my art.’

Stephen Watkins, the artist, is also an architect living in Doha.  He apparently has time to spare and in his free time, interprets the landmarks of Doha.  Like many of us (in fact 80% of us), he is an expat.  In this case from Britain.  (

2014-11-04 19.22.10 (2)

I like this painting for a number of reasons – the background colour is the colour used in the Qatari national flag.  The landmarks I see whenever I’m out and about are all there – Aspire Tower, Tornado Tower, Fanar (, the MIA, even the Sheraton hotel.  His eye and his rendering have managed to capture the busy chaos that is Doha.  It is ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ at the same time.  It will fit just fine on a to-be-determined wall in my apartment one day soon.


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