Why it took 7 weeks to start a blog – Part 3

When I last posted on the progress I was making trying to get a normal life with TV, Internet, cell phone, etc.; I had just received my QID – Qatar ID

2014-09-06 10.15.36

See that number on there?  Here’s how to decipher it:


Almost as soon as I signed up for internet in my flat, I learned how to apply for an exit permit and get an ‘e-gate’ pass.  The e-gate pass allows  you to breeze through security at the airport, as finger printing and eye scan information gets embedded in your QID card – if you’re willing to jump the hoops, stand in line and pay the fee.

I didn’t know it when I arrived in August, but we had a one week holiday called Eid al Adha scheduled for the first week of October.  And, aren’t we lucky…we have a travel agent who has set up shop here on campus.  I had a chat with the guys, told them I wanted a resort in Cyprus or Greece and let them do their jobs.

About the same time I was planning my respite, I started inquiring about the shipment I had arranged from Canada.  My life was somewhere in a crate waiting for me.  And in order to have that very large crate leave Canada, I needed to provide that very precious QID.  Once the QID and my arrival in Doha had been established, my crate could make it’s way half way around the world to the Middle East.  I was so so happy when I got the call saying ‘my stuff’ had arrived and was in Customs.

But, I (the person living in Doha) had to be linked to the crate in Customs before it could be released.  I got a call from the broker who said they would come to my workplace and pick up my QID, drive directly to the Customs Hall in the airport, link me, my QID and the crate together and then bring my precious QID back to me ASAP.  The time was set for Thursday, September 11th at 1 pm, lobby of building 3.  I waited and waited and waited.  By 2pm I gave up and went back to my office.  The driver had been delayed in traffic.  This was a thing I was starting to get used to.  Problem was, Thursday is our last day of the work week and now how was he going to find me?  Broker tells me the guy will come to my apartment on Friday.  And he does.  On September 12th around lunch, he takes my precious ID and has it back to me in about 3 hours.  Joys!  One step closer to getting my stuff.  Now I have to wait for Customs to snoop through/X-Ray my stuff and clear if for delivery.

Problem was, we were still lobbying the College to relocate us away from “Poo Corner……”

I get a text message from Ooredoo (QTel).  They have set the date for internet installation at my apartment for the morning of Thursday September 18th.

On Monday September 15th a bunch of us at work get the all-clear to view some new accommodations.  Our voices had been heard. We arrange for a driver on Tuesday September 16th to take 4 of us over during the lunch hour.

Part 4 coming soon….


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