Why it took 7 weeks to start this blog – Part 4

On September 16th at lunch hour, a new home was found.  Better workmanship, an onsite gym open 24/7, obviously better sanitary conditions and a quicker ride to work.   The only downside was that we weren’t within easy walking distance from a ‘good’ grocery store.  We were leaving our funky-Yonge Street-type neighbourhood.

On the 16th, we all selected our apartments during the walk-through and set our move-in date for Friday September 19th.   The sooner we could leave our unhealthy apartments the better.  And we weren’t about to let our Facilities department change its fickle mind, either!

This all sounds wonderful, but you may recall that my internet installation was set for Thursday September 18th and my shipping crate had arrived and cleared Customs.  I already was getting water delivery from Nestle at my old apartment.  But, I had already learned how time was a somewhat ‘fluid’ and ‘elastic’ concept here and was slightly dubious that my internet installation was going to take place at the set time and date.  Nonetheless, the date was in Ooredoo’s calendar and it was in mine. (Ooredoo aka QTel)

No big deal, right?

Just phone them, right?

WRONG!  Trying to call the customer service/installation department of a huge Crown Corporation where English is everyone’s second or third language is an utter nightmare. Especially when their first language is Sinhalese or Hindi or Urdu or Farsi – all of which are spoken very rapidly. You can’t understand a thing they say in English over the phone.  You need to be standing right in front of them and looking at their face to understand what they say.  It meant a trip to a mall go into one of their customer service centres.

I arrived at work super early the next working day.  The mall closest to work had an Oordeoo office that opened at 9 am.  I arranged a driver to pick me up at work and get me to the mall at 8:45 am.  Only 2 other people were in front of me… thank goodness, in shallah.

When I got to the front of the line and explained I needed to cancel my internet installation because of a move, the Ooredoo employee looked at me like I was loosing my mind.  He knew how long it had taken me to get my appointment and now I was cancelling it. But I was making things worse, I was not really cancelling – I just wanted to have my internet installed in a different location.  So, we needed to get a supervisor involved, because in the end, I cancelled an installation.  Which meant I needed to start the process again…  The paperwork took about half an hour.  And now I had to wait for the text message with the next installation date.  I went back to work and my colleagues told me I would be lucky if anyone showed up at all on that second installation date!

September 18th arrives – early in the morning I get a call on my phone confirming my internet installation for tomorrow, September 19th at my old address…….

And in part 5 of this saga  – the installation finally occurs….


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