Boodle Fight!!

Just recently, I had a chance to join my colleagues in the library and their families at a Boodle Fight!  And no – there was not fighting. Here’s what it is:

Well, it’s a trendy & fun way of dining in the Philippines and its origin traces back to the traditional Philippine military way of eating which they call a Boodle Fight.

So, here’s what happens in a Boodle Fight – rows of banana leaves are set on a table with an array of different kinds of Filipino food placed in the center with heaps of rice, meat, and seafood and veggies.  At the end of each table there are water basins to wash your hands before you eat, while you eat and after you finish eating.  There was no silverware :O) as the tradition is that you have to use your hands…it gets more interesting than that!!  In order to get the authentic method of gobbling this style of food everyone must stand up and use one hand to eat.

To view a video on this AWESOME style of eating please click on this link

So – we all arrived at our colleague’s home to huge banquet tables lined end to end to end.  I’m guessing there was at least 20 of us (plus children) and did we ever eat well.  Now I know that some of you are going to say “But you’re vegetarian?  What did you eat?”  Trust me – there was not shortage!

Here’s some pictures from the night

Our hosts for the night
Our hosts for the night
LC girls
The girls from the Learning Commons
My, my manager Cathleen in red and Winnie, our host
Philippino Dinner 045
Yes – there was alcohol to be had!
Philippino Dinner 062
The whole group – from Nigeria, India, the Philippines, Egypt, Iran, and Canada!

.IMG_0771 IMG_0778 IMG_0781 IMG_0731IMG_2393 Philippino Dinner 036 Philippino Dinner 038 Philippino Dinner 022 Philippino Dinner 024 IMG_0755 Philippino Dinner 056


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