Rain! In Doha!

It started raining last night here in Doha for the first time since May.  It’s so strange having the weather pretty much the same, day in and day out, and now this!  We were told that rain can be expected between November and February here in Doha.  Total annual precipitation though is only about 75 mm.  Compare that to Calgary at an average of 420 mm.  This first rain that came down is quite interesting.  It rains mud!  Well, initially anyways.  There is so much fine particulate matter (dust/sand) in the air, that this first rain is not too fresh smelling.  We hope it continues though and cleans everything up.  There is a lot of dust here – we are in the desert after all- and that the rain does a lot of good.  The rest of the year, all the trees and bushes are watered with ‘grey water’ as there is no source of fresh water in the entire country.

To make things more interesting, the roads though are not built to handle rain.  There are no drains on the streets for runoff, nor are the streets contoured to direct water in any direction.  Frankly though, why would you?

2014-11-24 07.23.36
Along the road on our way to work this morning (November 24).

So bring on the rain!


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