Camels! On campus!

Yes, camels.  Three of them.

Today on campus we celebrated Qatar National Day.  The official holiday is December 18th, but the College celebrates the event early, before final exams start and both instructors and students ‘flee’ the campus for the semester break.

So, a national anthem, a parade, camels, commemorations, singing, dancing and a VIP tent.  Quite the lunch hour.  Enjoy the pictures.

And, my apologies for no recent posts.  The library is open late during the final week of classes and during exams and ‘you know who’ volunteered to put in some overtime…

2014-12-02 11.25.31
Check out those eye lashes!
2014-12-02 11.26.05
Where one goes, so the other follows…
2014-12-02 11.26.34
Cute little tuft of hair. Wait – is that a Muppet underneath those blankets?
2014-12-02 11.28.16
It is a Muppet! It’s Beaker!!
2014-12-02 11.30.29
Me with Beaker the camel. Note the wool jacket and full length pants. It was about 26C outside and I was getting too hot too quickly. But it’s the dress code at work – modesty. Covered knees (preferably full length pants or skirt) and covered elbows. Back inside the library the air conditioning is full blast and my office is freezing!
2014-12-02 11.17.23
The start of the parade with the College President and the founders.
2014-12-02 11.17.28
The children in the red T-Shirts are students at the Qatar Canadian School. They are all children whose parents work at the college. The school follows the Alberta curriculum and the students are from all over Canada.
2014-12-02 11.35.55
No National Day celebration would be complete without speeches – in Arabic!
2014-12-02 11.52.39
Nor would a celebration be complete without a sword dance and an official photographer getting in the way!

2014-12-02 11.52.42 2014-12-02 11.52.45


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