Only the Best for Qatar

We see those words on every construction site in town.  And, if you’ve been reading anything about Qatar, you’ll know that it’s a country under construction.

Friday (a weekend day for us), I got to experience some of the best, by going to ‘Festive Season’ Afternoon Tea at the St. Regis Hotel, Doha.

I joined 4 others for Afternoon Tea, complete with the cucumber sandwiches, scones and a menu of teas to choose from.  I was joined by the college Vice-President, one of the Deans, an instructor from the ‘Canadian School’ (K-12), and the person who brought us together, and instructor from Radiology in the School of Health Sciences.

Christmas is definitely a non-event here, and what we saw at the St. Regis was understated for Doha. 2014-12-12 14.09.26 2014-12-12 14.10.14 2014-12-12 14.14.06 2014-12-12 14.14.14 2014-12-12 14.16.15 2014-12-12 15.13.21 2014-12-12 15.31.19 2014-12-12 15.31.29


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