I got my Toaster Oven!!!!

The Toaster O)ve
The toaster oven, my Nespresso Coffee maker and a spice grinder I’m using ‘grind’ flax with for my morning breakfasts. I’m all set up now. Coffee, Toast and Cereal!

So – one of my neighbours is retiring and I’ve been the fortunate recipient of many of the contents of his apartment.  Between the voltage and the plugs and adapters, many of the things we buy here will never return to Canada.  220-240V just doesn’t like 110V!

I remember when I started this blog, that I wanted a meaningful title here.  Well – here’s the explanation for the name of the blog.

A.  It’s an oven here!  When I arrived, it was 53C.  It’s ‘winter’ here now, and people are bundling up  in jackets.  The rest of us are enjoying the 26C temperatures.

B.  It’s little.  It’s a snippet of my life.  And it’s mine 🙂

C. I had just acquired a fantastic Breville Toaster Oven before I got my job offer.  I don’t have it now.  And the oven analogy just seemed so appropriate to life out here.

So – here’s the Toaster Oven I just got from my neighbour who is retiring to Thailand in the next few days. (I also acquired a decent desk in the transaction too!)


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