Travels to Germany

I have so much to tell you about that it will be impossible for me to capture everything in one blog post.  Let me just say – Three Christmas Markets (Dresden, Chemnitz and Annaberg-Bucholz), Gluhwein and Eirspunsch, three 2014 Christmas mugs from each location, one Christmas parade, a pool party, a visit by the Weinachtsmann, better bread and cheese than I’ve had in years, a Christmas Eve dinner with my extended family, 3 Nussnacker men, 3 Rauchen-dings (is that a word in German??) – one an old fashioned stove, one a cute house and one a plump little Santa – afternoon coffee and tea in 3 different homes in Sachsen/Saxony, 4 new children to be ‘Auntie’ to, the first snowfall of the year in Oederan on December 26th, a tour of a reconstructed church in Dresden (, the autobahn at 200km/hr, 144 pictures (a link will be provided soon), a Christmas Day meal with even more family, and wonderful meals and family overall.  For a taste of the pictures – here is me with Lara and Tom Bioly in Chemnitz, Germany…

Auntie Patricia!
Auntie Patricia!

2 thoughts on “Travels to Germany

  1. Hi Pat, it is good to hear you had such a great Christmas in Germany, sounds like you really found the festive spirit. Good to catch up with family members too. I hope you get a chance to revisit someday.

    Wishing you all the best for 2015, Janet Kinsey


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