Water, water, but not everywhere!

So, we had a water problem in our building last week and it got me to thinking that I hadn’t really explained the water situation around here.  There is none.  It’s as simple as that.  There is no fresh water at all in this country.  There are no rivers, there are no streams, there are no lakes.  And, there is no rain.  At all really.  The rain we’ve had here is so insubstantial, I’m surprised it can be measured.  We (those of us living here in Qatar) are living on a peninsula that juts out into the Arabian Sea.  We are surrounded by the salt water of the ocean and there is nothing there to drink.

So – how does one supply water to a city of 2.3  million?

Desalination plants.  Huge huge desalination plants.

And where does all that salt go?  Into the Arabian Gulf, of course.  In fact, some of the water just off Doha’s coast line is approaching the levels of the Dead Sea when it comes to salt.

Our tap water is desalinated water, but the sodium levels are still pretty high.  So, everyone has delivery of drinking water and coolers in their homes/flats.  (It’s like a subscription service, with delivery once a week.) Today, I saw the water truck – In this case, Nestle water – pull up to our building and two workers jumped out of the truck to start bringing into our building those huge jugs of water.  We have 72 apartments, and we all need drinking water.  I know for me, just getting that water jug onto the top of my cooler is quite the weight lifting exercise!

So – if you ever wonder why all the pictures I post on this site look a bit dusty – well, they are!  There’s no real greenery, and the trees and bushes are watered with grey water.  So, the trees are a bit ‘ripe’ at times!


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