A collection of the weird and wonderful….

2014-11-15 14.32.58
Check out the name of one of the stores in the middle of this ‘strip mall.’
2014-09-01 18.07.27
Salon or Saloon???
2014-09-22 20.41.06
I have no idea.. Do you?
2014-09-29 15.54.02
Potentially an oxymoron
2014-09-30 16.55.27-2
Communist clothing??
2014-11-21 15.23.21
Detergent for your Abaya
2014-11-24 19.56.52
2014-11-29 09.14.24
I guess only men should be walking this direction…
2014-12-12 18.39.27
ATM on demand! They have both drive throughs and this one, ‘drive-to-you!’
2015-01-10 17.22.14
All white fabric, of every variety, texture, pattern and shade. Men’s wear…
2015-01-17 11.32.08
What can I say??
2015-01-23 09.12.51
Should Obama be worried?
Again- what can one possibly say??
Want some Coslow? How about Gesture with meat?

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