I really do love my job

And one day, I’m going to write about what a perfect fit it is for me.  Who duh thought that an Albertan – working mostly with people with Newfie accents – would feel so grateful for the opportunity?  All that said – I need to explain why the blog hasn’t had so many updates recently.  January was the beginning of a new semester, with a raft-load of students who have research assignments.  It’s also closing in on the end of the fiscal year.  Why are these things important?  Well – I’m the Instructional, reference and collections librarian.  It means I have primary responsibility for giving information literacy and research techniques sessions in classrooms to our students.  It also means that I buy a lot of the materials for our library.  My calendar below pretty much explains it all.  I’ve been in classrooms almost continuously trying to explain why ‘copying and pasting’ is unacceptable and results in academic misconduct.  I’ve been trying to explain why Wikipedia is, at so many levels, unacceptable as an academic source and in the workplace.  Did you know, for example, that most articles on Wikipedia are written by white, male North Americans?  Talk about bias!  Anyways, explaining these principles to our students and acting as a resource to them is pretty much my job.  And I love it!

But the first month of each semester brings its challenges and this clip from my calendar explains what’s happening in my life.  And yes, my work week begins Sunday morning and ends Thursday night.


Now you understand why I have a vacation planned starting Thursday night …….


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