The Great Canadian Snow Ball 2015

The Canadian formal event of the year took place in Doha on Thursday night March 26.  (Remember that Thursday is the beginning of the weekend and our first day of work is Sunday).  Planned for months, a huge volunteer committee (the Canadians in Qatar team) was accompanied by the staff of the Canadian Embassy, and it was great fun Canadian style.  Prizes, Poutine, Nanaimo Bars and a great DJ.  At one end of the Ballroom at the Raddison Blu Doha was a guy with the best photo software ever.  He had a ‘green’ screen, a ton of props on a side table and a count down timer that gave you 10 seconds between shots to grab your stuff and get ready.  It was so much fun we went up time and time again. All I can do is show you pictures!  Of course, we had the official photographer there too.  Each one of the pictures in this post has my crazy coworkers in them.  The night ended around 2 am……

4 librarians
The four Canadian librarians at the party – there’s about a dozen Canadian librarians in Doha all together.
Cathleen and Alex
Cathleen and Alex
Cdn Ambassador and CNAQ President
The Canadian Ambassador (left) and our college President (right)
Me, Bev, Erin and Romany
Me, Bev Quinton, Erin and Romany. Bev, Erin and I were all hired at the same time.
Me +cowrkers
Bev (Communications Instructor), Erin (Archivist), Me, Jay Branch (Head of marketing and PR) and George Sutton (Petroleum Instructor)

Coworkers 4 Coworkers 6 Coworkers 7 Coworkers 8 Coworkers 9 Coworkers1 Coworkers2 Coworkers3 coworkers5 Coworkers10 Erin and I Jacquie and Donna My hairdresser Peter and Beaver Peter Nikki Jay Aileen Shida and Arman


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