Sand storm in Doha- April 2, 2015

Incredible sand storm.  People saying they’ve seen nothing like it in 10 years.  The silt is so fine, it has got in everywhere.  And, in a country where you don’t need to seal out the cold, there’s a lot of places for sand to get in.  The Supreme Education Council closed all schools, colleges and universities (ours included) at 6:15 am this morning.  There’s almost no traffic on the streets – the visibility is terrible.  It took me the better part of 4 hours to dust, the wash the floors, and dust all the furniture.  I tackled the walls and cupboard doors in my kitchen, but gave up with the rest of the walls in the apartment.  I’ll have to get my cleaning lady to do some extra work when she comes in next.  (Yes, I can’t keep up with the dust and sand and have given in …)  The windows are the sliding type and don’t even pose a challenge to all the dust that constantly is swirling in the air.  Even my bedroom window, which has a heavy light-blocking curtain, sheers and a decorative heavy fabric curtain, had silt on the window sill, the baseboard and the floor below.  My bedside tables were covered with a fine layer of silt.  I took down just one of the sheers to wash it and the dust was just flying in the air. There are 7 more sheers to go.  Here are some pictures of what we all encountered this morning.

Washing the wall
The floor
The silt on a colleague’s balcony
Inside Villagio Mall
Movie goers ordered out of Villagio Mall – this was the INSIDE!
Oh, to live in our apartments….
And the sand arrives
Isn’t this a pretty picture??!! (not!!)
Our lobby
The lobby floor in our building at 5:30 am April 2nd
On the roads
Worse than driving in snow, possibly?

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