The three uses of a bidet….

Us North Americans seem to be constantly confounded by bidets and seem to have little use for them. Well, in one of those goofy conversations at work today, in a matter of a few moments we came up with these three uses. I hope you find them ‘enlightening!’

  1. They’re great for washing your feet. I walk around in sandals about 300 of the 365 days in the year. It’s hot here and it’s dusty. Doha is a desert after all. And, that means your feet get dirty. So, why make things uncomfortable? There’s no need to get your feet up and into the bathroom sink or to sit on the edge of the bathtub when you can easily use the bidet. Just grab a chair or a stool and you’ll find the bidet to be the perfect height for tender tootsies.
  2. They’re great for hand washing laundry. After all, bidets are nice smooth porcelain bowls with an easy supply of water. No need to clear out your kitchen sink to wash delicate clothes when the bidet is ready for you.
  3. And, for the most inventive use of all –a sound amplifier for your iPhone or iPad! Ever put your iPhone in an empty coffee cup to get more volume out of it? Well – just think what a bidet does for an iPad! You can enjoy your morning shower and hear the latest CBC podcast as clear as if you were standing beside it.

Enjoy your bidet everyone!


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