You know it’s hot when…..

You avoid walking outside for more than 1 block

You wish you had brought an umbrella with you to the dessert

You don’t have any cold water to brush your teeth

You’ve turned off your water heater

The faucet is turned all the way to cold and the water is coming out warm

All four air conditioners are now turned on 24/7

You’ve stopped wearing (suit) jackets to work

You have to turn on the space heater at work because the building’s air conditioning is turned up too high

You ‘feel’ your cotton shirts to determine thickness and then put them back in the closet because they’re too heavy

Your lightweight almost sheer blouses, despite being breezy, are totally inappropriate because you need to wear a non-translucent T-shirt underneath it

You’re doing laundry 2-3 times a week not because your clothes are dirty, but because you’ve sweated through everything…

You’ve taking taxis everywhere – especially anything more than a few blocks away

Today it’s 43C and it’s still ‘spring’…..


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