Big news!

On Wednesday night Feb 10th, I learned that a research proposal I had submitted to the San Jose State University iSchool had been considered to be of high enough value that I have been invited to apply for the PhD program.  I’m scared, excited, thrilled, humbled and happy all at the same time.

San Jose State University collaborates with the Queensland University of Technology (yes, Australia), to jointly run an international PhD program for librarians.  It’s referred to as a Gateway PhD and short of one week residency each year, the entire process is done online.

This summer, starting in August, I will be in San Jose to meet my committee and generally settle in to completing my work.  The first year is fairly intense, because even at this point, I am not yet a PhD ‘candidate.’  I have been told to anticipate 30 hours of work per week to finish within 6 years.  I will be refining my research proposal, likely taking courses to familiarize myself with statistical sampling and survey methodology, and yes, even writing exams.

When I return home to Calgary in the summer of 2017 I will have finished my first year of the program and know if I will be proceeding with my research or not.  So many things ride on the proposal – is someone else in the world doing the same work (i.e. are my thoughts not unique), is there sufficient support from my committee to continue, and will I find a job when I’m back home to support me financially?

Here’s a link to the research proposal, in case you are so academically inclined!

Research Proposal




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