Ramadan’s coming

Here’s the blurb we got from HR today.  Emphasis mine….

Hello Everyone:

This year Ramadan will likely start on Tuesday, June 7th, and lasts for a lunar month (29 or 30 days). The start of Ramadan depends on an appropriate observer seeing the Crescent “new moon” with the naked eye, and therefore cannot be predicted with absolute certainty ahead of time.

All employees are ambassadors of CNA-Q and Canada and it’s important we adhere to the following guidelines and conduct ourselves accordingly especially during this very important holy month.


  • Ramadan is a holy month in Islam during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset (eating, drinking, or smoking is not permitted during this daily fasting period) until Eid Al-Fitr arrives. The laws of Qatar strictly forbid all residents (regardless of their religion or nationality) to engage in any of the above mentioned activities in public. Exceptions may prevail for health reasons; let discretion be your guide on this. It is worth mentioning that people violating this law may face arrest and or harsh penalties.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere out in public nor on the campus during this time.
  • During Ramadan one should take care and dress conservatively in public. Also, store hours will be altered, usually opening later in the morning and with evening hours extended until quite late. There is a distinct drop in morning traffic, but the late afternoon and night time traffic becomes heavy.
  • Working hours during Ramadan for most CNA-Q Support Staff will be five hours from 9:00 am to 2:00 p.m. Due to operational requirements there may be departments who require their employees to work different hours and if so, your manager or Dean will inform you.
  • The cafeteria services and Tim Horton’s will be closed during Ramadan.

We ask all employees to conduct themselves accordingly and ensure adherence to the Qatar laws and customs of Ramadan.




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